Lisa HoffmanLisa Hoffman is a nonprofit coach, consultant and facilitator with many years of experience. She believes that people and organizations must start where they are, building on their unique strengths to develop into their full potential.

As an organizational consultant, Lisa brings a wide range of effective strategic, planning and communication skills to her work with executives, Boards and volunteers to achieve organizational effectiveness. She understands the unique non-profit and philanthropic cultures, and has the ability to help clients envision and achieve disciplined growth.

As a coach, Lisa brings a clear, deep understanding of complex work and personal relationships to support clients in navigating their professional and personal lives, and meeting related goals. Half her practice consists of executive, management and Board coaching clients.

As a facilitator and trainer, Lisa uses a light touch to guide dynamic, focused, enjoyable and goal-oriented retreats, meetings and trainings. Since launching her consulting practice in 1997, Lisa has had the privilege of working with hundreds of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders, serving nearly a thousand nonprofits and philanthropies ranging in size from $1 billion to $24,000 per year budgets.

Lisa is also a Zen priest and teacher, ordained and leading classes and workshops at San Francisco Zen Center. She aspires to integrate Buddhist practices of compassion, deep listening, active engagement, and leaving ego at the door into her nonprofit and philanthropic coaching, consulting and strategic planning. Lisa often quotes the Dalai Lama in describing the heart of her many practices: “My religion is kindness.”



Find your own light.
– The Buddha