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Livestream: Donor Acquisition Beyond Direct Mail

Click here for the live stream link to a panel discussion I had the privilege of facilitating earlier this monthThe panel addressed the decline direct mail effectiveness in finding new donors. We explored other ways groups are acquiring new donors, offering a variety of tools and techniques that were very practical – easy put into practice right… Read more »

Fearless Facilitation for Board Leaders

This special evening session will focus on the complexity facing board chairs who are facilitating peers, often colleagues and friends, in board meetings. How do you handle delicate issues that trigger strong emotions and opinions? What do you do when a board meeting is hijacked by one or more members who are stuck in the… Read more »

Who Wants to be Lead?

“You can’t lead people who don’t want to be lead,” was quoted about Chief Justice John Roberts on NPR. I was reminded of a young non-profit leader struggling with some of the staff he inherited from a predecessor who had a hands off style and tended to hire lone wolves. My young client is a… Read more »

Cultivating Your Fundraising Team

This panel discussion will explore how to create and nourish a successful fundraising team – staff and board. Panelists will offer approaches and techniques bases on real experience. Panelists TBA. Registration not yet open.

Meeting Conflict with Compassion

We’ll engage the nature of conflict in this interactive daylong workshop, looking at its causes and exploring how to meet and resolve differences with wisdom, compassion and skill. Together we’ll develop a shared understanding of how conflict arises when our views and experience collide with those of a partner, friend or colleague. We’ll learn about… Read more »

Unleashing the Fundraising Power of Boards

Transform your board from resistant fundraisers into passionate ambassadors who share their commitment to inspire support for your nonprofit. Discover how to initiate dynamic discussion about about fundraising, beginning with recruitment and building to enthusiastic involvement. Takeaways will include practical and inspirational tools for motivation and support, finding your fundraising ambassadors, dos and don’ts for… Read more »

Meeting Conflict with Compassion

How often have you wished you could take back angry words? Or hoped you could find the courage to address conflict with someone? Either way, feelings are often hurt, and relationships harmed – sometimes irreparably. We’ll engage the nature of conflict in this three hour workshop, looking at its causes, and exploring how to meet… Read more »

It’s Always About Leadership

This is a tale of two non-profit boards of directors. Members of both want to create a culture of commitment, accountability, and follow-through. One remains stuck, and the other is engaged in a creative and dynamic process of culture change. Can you guess the difference? Leadership. The second board is led by a chair who… Read more »

Five Board DevelopmentTo-Dos

What is key to developing your board’s effectiveness? Please take a look at this brief video about five factors that are essential, and that you can begin to put in place right now! This was an interview with the Foundation Center San Francisco: