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Livestream: Donor Acquisition Beyond Direct Mail

Click here for the live stream link to a panel discussion I had the privilege of facilitating earlier this monthThe panel addressed the decline direct mail effectiveness in finding new donors. We explored other ways groups are acquiring new donors, offering a variety of tools and techniques that were very practical – easy put into practice right… Read more »

Fearless Facilitation for Board Leaders

This special evening session will focus on the complexity facing board chairs who are facilitating peers, often colleagues and friends, in board meetings. How do you handle delicate issues that trigger strong emotions and opinions? What do you do when a board meeting is hijacked by one or more members who are stuck in the… Read more »

Donor Acquisition beyond Direct Mail

Most nonprofits have noticed a steady decline in direct mail as a tool for acquiring new donors. This panel discussion will explore effective ways groups are acquiring new donors, using a variety of tools and techniques. Executive Directors, Deputy Directors, Board Leadership and Board Members especially encouraged to participate. Panel TBA. Free.