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Who Wants to be Lead?

“You can’t lead people who don’t want to be lead,” was quoted about Chief Justice John Roberts on NPR. I was reminded of a young non-profit leader struggling with some of the staff he inherited from a predecessor who had a hands off style and tended to hire lone wolves. My young client is a… Read more »

Meeting Conflict with Compassion

We’ll engage the nature of conflict in this interactive daylong workshop, looking at its causes and exploring how to meet and resolve differences with wisdom, compassion and skill. Together we’ll develop a shared understanding of how conflict arises when our views and experience collide with those of a partner, friend or colleague. We’ll learn about… Read more »

Meeting Conflict with Compassion

How often have you wished you could take back angry words? Or hoped you could find the courage to address conflict with someone? Either way, feelings are often hurt, and relationships harmed – sometimes irreparably. We’ll engage the nature of conflict in this three hour workshop, looking at its causes, and exploring how to meet… Read more »

When You Hear What You Dread Most

A colleague who took my Mindful Communication workshop earlier this year told me that she was in a meeting in which the other participants told her what she most dreaded to hear. But she remembered how important it is to really listen and accept others’ position, even if you disagree violently. She did this, and… Read more »