Board Development



  • Dynamic Board Recruitment. Develop a rigorous recruitment program that identifies and successfully recruits involved and enthusiastic board members.
  • Governance that Engages.  Build a board development program grounded in governance practices that trains and supports new board members to enthusiastically engage their role, and provides ongoing motivation to existing board members.
  • Effective Board Meetings! Recalibrate board meetings to function at generative, strategic and fiduciary leadership levels that are characterized by relevant discussion, and effective decision-making grounded in organizational mission and vision.
  • Invigorate Board Committees. Breathe life into stale committees by revisiting purpose, streamlining number of committees, and identifying committee purpose and designing related charters that include expectations and accountability.
  • Motivation through Evaluation. Craft annual board and individual board member self-evaluations that encourage board excellence. Interpretation and application of evaluation findings included.
  • Navigating Choppy Board Waters. Address times of challenge and difficult dynamics with a seasoned guide and problem solver. And, when choppy waters have led to entrenched dysfunction, a clear analysis of issues and personalities, along with a related course of actions and counsel to steer the organization and board back to health is provided.
  • Succession Planning. Every board member is developed as a leader through a board succession process that also cultivates a deep bench of officers and committee chairs.


  • Board leadership and skill development, identifying, developing and using strengths and skills to lead board as a whole, and effectively handle different personalities and styles.


Below are examples of trainings and presentations that have been delivered to a wide range of nonprofits. All trainings and presentations are individually tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs:

  • The Exquisite Board Member. A dynamic take on the board’s role and responsibilities designed to inspire and motivate the board.
  • Accountability with Grace. An effective and supportive approach to help board members fulfill their fund development commitments that begins with how board members are recruited, and includes a systematic accountability process.
  • Build Your Board and Staff Team.  Use Board and staff roles, and your nonprofit’s mission and vision to build an inspired and effective board and staff team that works together.
  • Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser!  Learn the nuts-and-bolts of how to solicit prospects with grace and effectiveness in this interactive session.
  • Fund Development Planning for Boards.  Especially designed for board members to learn and apply their role to create an effective fund development plan.