• Meeting and Retreat Facilitation.  Work with a professional facilitator to develop a dynamic retreat design with input from key stakeholders, and related goals that address the real issues and create a powerful foundation for planning and action.  Enjoy energetic and productive meetings and retreats facilitated for optimal communication and results.
  • Transform Decision-Making. Many board or staff teams consistently become stuck when faced with decision-making. Or, decisions that are made at meetings are undermined because the real discussion that drives buy-in has not happened. Learn how to evaluate types of decisions, choose effective decision-making styles, and facilitate decision-making to encourage buy-in, and generate decisions that are supported.
  • Difficult Meetings.  Some issues and decisions are uniquely challenging because of what’s at stake, unusually complex circumstances, personality differences, or often a combination of all three.  Such meetings often become stuck or contentious, and can benefit from an objective facilitator whose purpose is to guide and support clear communication, understanding and mutually forged actions and decisions.
  • The Meeting Doctor.  Are your meetings on life support because they are unproductive, frustrating, with lack of follow-through?  Does your organization suffer from “stuck meeting syndrome”? Do the same people dominate meeting after meeting? The meeting doctor will diagnose and work with you to develop and administer an Rx for dynamic and effective meetings.


  • Fearless Facilitation.  An experiential training on basic and advanced facilitation skills for staff, board members and volunteers.
  • Fearlessly Facilitating Effective Decisions. Decision-making in meetings can be a torturous process, with teams becoming stuck in a variety of ways – conflict, rigid positions, or “analysis paralysis.” Learn how to create a productive foundation by choosing the right decision process, and actively facilitating that process to reach consensus or decision by majority that is supported by the team – even those with differing opinions.
  • Extreme Meeting Makeover.  An interactive workshop focused on best practices to transform your meetings from a realm of torture to an opportunity for all participants to productively engage, moving forward and making appropriate decisions collaboratively.
  • Fearless Meeting Chairs.  Why are some meeting chairs magical in their ability to direct and lead?  Learn their secrets, skills, and more in this session.  Perfect for board members in particular.  Sessions designed for staff also available.
  • Fearlessly Facilitating Difficult People. Meetings can be derailed by hijackers, naysayers, “we’ve tried that before” people, and many other types of personalities. This interactive workshop will apply facilitation skills to keeping meetings on track by refocusing difficult people to contribute productively, and neutralizing those who are stuck in negativity or their own agenda.