How a Buddha Offers Feedback

Topic:  Giving feedback skillfully
Event Date:  October 24, 2015
Start Time: 10:00 am
End Time: 4:00 pm
Location:   San Francisco Zen Center, 308 Page St., San Francisco

Additional Information

Offering feedback is a communication challenge most of us find daunting, whether it involves colleagues, friends, or family. This experiential workshop will combine Buddhist teachings with contemporary relationship and communication concepts and skills to cultivate the practice of giving feedback with compassion and clarity. Our underlying theme will be the Buddha’s lesson of connection: How do we remain connected in giving feedback that will likely be hard for another person to hear? With a foundation of meditation and mindfulness, we will look at what feedback is and isn’t and how to deal with our internal reactions so we can offer feedback that is useful, true and kind. We will learn and practice the verbal and nonverbal tools needed for skillful feedback. We will also look at how to receive feedback, which creates balance and perspective for our feedback skills. Registration not yet open.  There is a fee.