Thriving through Resilience

Topic:  Personal and professional development – inner strength – mindfulness – tools – skills
Event Date:  June 7, 2021
Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 1:00 pm
Location:   Virtual

Additional Information

Flexibility and buoyancy are key in the dictionary definition of resilience: the ability to return to original form after being bent or stretched; to recover readily from adversity. Most of us can benefit from cultivating resilience as we continue to navigate an extraordinarily challenging period of time.

Please join this interactive workshop to develop your flexible, buoyant resilience. We will explore your natural resilience strengths, along with the practical skills and tools that builds on those qualities. We will engage positive habits and practices you are drawn to – which easily blend into your life. They range from body, mind and emotional nourishment that speak to you, to every day mindfulness. We will also look at what sabotages your resilience, from self-criticism to not doing what you think you should to take care of yourself. You’ll leave this workshop with a resilience checklist that reflects your life, your needs, and builds on your strengths.

By participating in this workshop you can expect to:
● Create your personal resilience toolbox.
● Identify your resilience strengths.
● Build your mindfulness muscle as a resilience foundation.
● Name and begin to neutralize your resilience saboteur.
● Develop practical intentions for integrating resilience into your life.