Class: What Is the Most Important Thing?

Topic:  Wisdom and priorities
Event Date:  March 9, 2020
Start Time: 7:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm
Location:   San Francisco Zen Center, 300 Page St., San Francisco 94102

Additional Information

An interactive and experiential exploration of San Francisco Zen Center founder Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi’s teachings in Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind, which frequently mention “the most important thing” and “the most important point.” We will apply this core class question to what we actually prioritize in our work – purpose, values and day-to-day actions. Included in our study will be related Buddhist precepts and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as touchstones and tools for embodying this ancient wisdom in our modern lives. We will look at what we have explored in relationship to our own experience at work: What is the most important thing? How do we hold true to what is most important in navigating expectations, commitments, relationships, self-care and more. Three Mondays: March 9, March 16 and March 23