Succession Planning for Effective Boards

Learn how to approach succession planning to develop every board member as a leader, and create a process that cultivates a deep bench of officers and committee chairs. This workshop will be interactive, providing successful case studies, and practical tools for immediate use.

Powerful Board Recruitment

This seminar is a follow-up to the Succession Planning for Effective Boards workshop on March 11 at the Foundation Center, which is also a seminar pre-requisite. We will look at how to create and engage a rigorous recruitment effort to build a board that is active and committed.

Unleashing the Fundraising Power of Boards

Transform your board from resistant fundraisers into passionate ambassadors who share their commitment to inspire support for your nonprofit. Discover how to initiate dynamic discussion about about fundraising, beginning with recruitment and building to enthusiastic involvement. Takeaways will include practical and inspirational tools for motivation and support, finding your fundraising ambassadors, dos and don’ts for… Read more »

Meeting Conflict with Compassion

How often have you wished you could take back angry words? Or hoped you could find the courage to address conflict with someone? Either way, feelings are often hurt, and relationships harmed – sometimes irreparably. We’ll engage the nature of conflict in this three hour workshop, looking at its causes, and exploring how to meet… Read more »

It’s Always About Leadership

This is a tale of two non-profit boards of directors. Members of both want to create a culture of commitment, accountability, and follow-through. One remains stuck, and the other is engaged in a creative and dynamic process of culture change. Can you guess the difference? Leadership. The second board is led by a chair who… Read more »

Making The Ask

This interactive session will focus on how to invite donors to give.  We will go over the basics of any ask and then practice in partnerships and threesomes, in front of entire group and in breakouts.  You’ll receive feedback, encouragement, and have fun in the process!

Five Board DevelopmentTo-Dos

What is key to developing your board’s effectiveness? Please take a look at this brief video about five factors that are essential, and that you can begin to put in place right now! This was an interview with the Foundation Center San Francisco:  

The Fundraising Power of Membership

Membership organizations are in a powerful fundraising position because there is a core of passionate and committed constituents. This panel discussion will explore how small, medium and large organizations effectively integrate membership and fund development to raise more money.  Panelists are:  Kellie Brownell, Donor Relations Coordinator, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Stacy Rackusin, Membership Manager, Asian Art… Read more »