Engage Your Board in Year End Fundraising

Develop the tools and know-how to work with the board you have effectively on year-end fundraising. Thursday, September 13, 10 AM at the Foundation Center, Sutter St, SF

Tackling a Tough Board Issue

Changing a nonprofit boards culture is incredibly challenging, and I wrote the following article, about a board that has accomplished this, for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Golden Gate Chapter. I very much appreciate their invitation to share the story of a board that has transformed its communication practices

When You Hear What You Dread Most

A colleague who took my Mindful Communication workshop earlier this year told me that she was in a meeting in which the other participants told her what she most dreaded to hear. But she remembered how important it is to really listen and accept others’ position, even if you disagree violently. She did this, and… Read more »

Part of the Solution

So often I work with executive directors and development directors who are frustrated with their boards but don’t articulate the issues and therefore don’t involve their board in the solution.  I’m working with two nonprofits whose board members largely don’t return phone calls or respond to e-mails — even from their board chair. Leadership was frustrated,… Read more »

Give Your Fundraising Plan a Tuneup!

Freshen and strengthen your fundraising plan in this strategy and tactic rich interactive workshop on Thursday, May 17, 2012, 10 AM at the Foundation Center…

What Is a 21st-Century Board?

            “Actionable nuggets of wisdom,” was my favorite expectation of those expressed by a 50+ audience for a Foundation Center program I facilitated on Thursday, September 22, called “What is a 21st Century Board?”  The following panel of seasoned board members and nonprofit professionals offered just that: Norma Fogelberg, Board Development Chair, San Francisco Zen… Read more »

Change Your Boards Culture!

Build an intentional board culture in this interactive workshop on Thursday, March 15, 10 a.m-12 p.m. at the Foundation Center, 312 Sutter St, SF; RSVP link: http://www.grantspace.org/Classroom/Training-Calendar/San-Francisco/Change-Your-Board-s-Culture!-2012-03-15-San-Francisco-CA