Livestream: Donor Acquisition Beyond Direct Mail

Click here for the live stream link to a panel discussion I had the privilege of facilitating earlier this monthThe panel addressed the decline direct mail effectiveness in finding new donors. We explored other ways groups are acquiring new donors, offering a variety of tools and techniques that were very practical – easy put into practice right away. We looked at online tactics including email and social media, and new twists on “old school” tactics like events and house parties, and board and volunteer networks. We also discussed ways to strengthen direct mail returns by combining with other strategies. Panelists included: Heather Buchheim, Senior Manager, National Engagement at Exhale (; Sherri Franklin, Founder and Executive Director at Muttville; ( and Cecilie Surasky, Deputy Director at Jewish Voice for Peace (www,  All three groups began with a few hundred dollars and have grown significantly in 14, 8 and 19 years respectively.