About Zen

Lisa Hoffman has been a Zen Buddhist practitioner since 1995, and was ordained as a priest at San Francisco Zen Center in 2008 by Darlene Cohen, head priest, with Tony Patchell, of Russian River Zendo.  Darlene passed away in 2011, and Lisa received dharma transmission from Tony in 2013. Lisa’s passion is bringing Zen and mindfulness into the world in a way that helps our real, everyday lives.

Lisa works with individual students, as well as giving dharma talks and leading retreats and mindfulness workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is a teacher with San Francisco Zen Center, where she lectures, leads workshops, and is part of a team facilitating workshops on finding ease with depression and anxiety .  She founded and is now the regular guest teacher of the Women’s Heart Sangha, a community of mature women committed to living with awareness and compassion. She is also a guest teacher at  the San Francisco LGBT Sangha, a weekly sitting group.  Lisa officiates a variety of ceremonies, including weddings, funerals, and baby and house blessings.

As a coach and consultant to nonprofit organizations, Lisa integrates Zen and mindfulness in her work with individual and institutional clients. Her Mindfulness in the Workplace workshops include: Mindful Leadership; Communication in the Workplace; Relationships in the Workplace; The Zen of Meetings; Mindfully Managing Stress; and much more.

Lisa’s educational background includes priest training at the Russian River Zendo and San Francisco Zen Center, and advanced studies at the Shogaku Zen Institute. Her Shuso Ceremony, which sanctified Lisa’s formal teaching practice, was in March of 2008.